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The Missoula Freestyle Team, 501(c)(3) has been shredding at Snowbowl since the late 80’s. MFT emphasizes all mountain riders with the technical skills to ride any mountain in any condition. We have a deep knowledgeable coaching staff with years of competition and coaching experience. We love teaching athletes to take their love for riding to the next level. Come and ride on our competition mogul course or terrain park. We will teach you to shred!

Missoula Freestyle offers financial assistance scholarships on a limited basis to athletes and/or families that qualify. Please call Michele Puiggari at 1-505-690-4052 to inquire about a Scholarship Request Form. 

Additionally, if you would like to split your registration fee(s) into two payments, 50% due at initial sign up, 50% due Jan 20 2023 please contact Donovan Power, Program Co-Director, Send Mail 1-406-396-5481

The Natural Flow of Growing up with MFT

One of the questions that we get the most often is where does my child fit into MFT? This of course does not have a straightforward answer, so please read on. The natural progression would be that your child would start with us at age 8 in the Little Riders program. After a year or two in the Little Riders program they would move on to the Development (Devo) program. So around age 9 or 10 they enter the Devo program, which is an all mountain type program, and ski with the Devo program for another couple of years or possibly more. They would then try to decide which direction they would like to go from Devo- Moguls, Slopestyle, or Big Mountain skiing. This would be a personal preference towards those disciplines. Because they had already been in our Devo program they would be very familiar with the differences in the disciplines and would make an educated guess as to which team they want to move towards. They would then start at the lower level of those programs (Jr. Comp, Slopestyle (non-comp), or Big Mountain) and ski there for a year or two before deciding whether they wanted to compete in that discipline.

Of course this does not work for all kids in all situations. We have had athletes that are 9 years old that do huge backflips in the moguls and so are on our Competition Mogul program, and we have had 12 year olds that can barely ski and are in our Little Riders program. We aim to place people in the best group for their skiing development and with their friends whenever possible. If you cannot figure out what group your child should be in then they are likely Little Riders if they are less than 10 and likely Devo if they are 10 or older. The Devo group is our largest and can accomodate a very wide ranging skill set. There is considerable grey area between the Devo and Little Riders groups with the best Little Riders easily being able to ski at the lowest Devo group’s speed, but probably lacking some of the social skills of the older skiers. The same grey area exists at the lower discipline specific groups and the Devo groups. Our top end Devo skiers could ski with any of the Slope/Big Mountain/Jr. Comp teams.

Now that you are as clear as mud, here is a description of each of the teams.

For more information about the Missoula Freestyle Team visit our website, www.MissoulaFreestyle.com

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