**Team will reach capacity. Please sign up early to secure spot. No holds or late registration will be accepted as a result of staffing and Program resource allocation. Thank you for your understanding**

  MFT encourages all children and teens to participate on our teams and either learn a Snowsport on skis or snowboards.  We have been very encouraging and accepting of all levels of each athlete from beginner to competitive.

  Child/participant must meet the following requirements:

   1. Must be able to ride a chairlift with another non coach adult (per law and Snowbowl, all children under the age of 12 must ride with an adult)
   2. Must be able to go to the bathroom by themselves.
   3. Must be able to be in the lodge by themselves (if a parent is not available). Additionally, Children that are cold must be able to go to the lodge and warm up by themselves without a Coach.

  MFT has changed the minimum age, which is 8. We all know some children are more independent than others and that ability is not age specific.  It is up to you the parents to realistically assess your child’s abilities related to the above conditions/changes.  We love our Little Riders and this is very hard.  If you have questions about your child please contact Donovan Power and we will do our best to assist and guide you in this process.

  Entry level program for our youngest athletes. We will not take an athlete younger than 8 this year. None of our programs are for first time skiers and all athletes on the Little Riders team must be able to crash and put on their own equipment, ride the lift with an adult that is not their parents, and spend the day away from their parents.

  On snow training is one day per week, every Saturday from after Christmas through the first of March. For young athletes who want to learn to ski the whole mountain and can put on their own equipment after a fall.


  • 3-day Christmas Camp
  • 10 Saturdays


Little riders is geared toward teaching young athletes to ski the whole mountain. We want to teach basic all mountain skiing to a little younger audience. If you can put on your own equipment after a fall and have a desire to learn to shred then this is the program for you. Little riders meets once a week with skiers of like age and ability. We have coaches that are trained and excel at showing children how to shred.

For more information about the Missoula Freestyle Team visit our website, www.MissoulaFreestyle.com

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