**Team will reach capacity. Please sign up early to secure spot. No holds or late registration will be accepted as a result of staffing and Program resource allocation. Thank you for your understanding**

Program fed from our Devo program. On snow training is one day per week, every Saturday from after Christmas through the first of March. The Big Mountain Team trains in mogul skiing, all mountain skiing, and jumping on and off the mogul course. The Big Mountain Team emphasizes park skiing as well.


  • 3-day Christmas Camp
  • 10 Saturdays


The Big Mountain Team is designed to teach you how to ski the whole mountain but with an emphasis on new school skiing. We have the only terrain park at Snowbowl and it is only open for our team. We will teach you big mountain skiing techniques as well as the ability to jump and hit rails. The Big Mountain Team meets once a week like the Devo Team and can be interchanged at any time with the Devo Team.

  The main difference between the Big Mountain team and the Slopestyle team is the kind of competitions that they are geared towards. Slopestyle competitions take place in a park on man made features. Big Mountain events take place on a steep slope with all natural features. The Big Mountain skier needs to be able to jump so we will train in the park for some of those skills, but they will spend much more time free skiing around Snowbowl than the Slopestyle team will.

For more information about the Missoula Freestyle Team visit our website, www.MissoulaFreestyle.com

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