**Team will reach capacity. Please sign up early to secure spot. No holds or late registration will be accepted as a result of staffing and Program resource allocation. Thank you for your understanding**

 Program fed from our Devo program. Every Saturday and Sunday starting mid-December and running through the first of March.



  • Video analysis
  • 3-day Christmas Camp
  • Friday training on competition weekends
  • Afternoon/evening training once a week, usually Thursday 8-10 sessions


The Junior Competition Team is meant for those athletes that want to step up from the Devo Team but aren't quite ready for the Comp Team. We will ski the mogul course almost every day but we will also ski all around the mountain. Curt and Donovan will switch back and forth coaching the Junior Comp Team. Junior Comp skis every Saturday and Sunday that the Comp Team is in town. The Junior Comp Team does not travel but has the opportunity to compete at the Snowbowl contests. It is the stepping stone to the Comp Team. 

For more information about the Missoula Freestyle Team visit our website, www.MissoulaFreestyle.com

 Have you seen our latest fundraising project? It's pretty neat- our very own State of Montana license plate! To check them out click here and then select "Missoula Freestyle Team"

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